Caz and Lavinia Framing It

Do you need to Now Frame It?

  • I have lots of great photos on my phone but never get round to framing them
  • I find the choice of frames in high street shops old-fashioned and boring
  • I often want to frame a photo as a gift but don't manage to sort it out in time
  • I have some beautiful Instagram photos but can't find nice square frames
  • I suffer from 'I never do anything with my lovely photos' guilt syndrome!

If you answered 'Yes' to any of the above...

What we do

We want to help you get your favourite photos off your phone or computer and into frames! What's more, we want to make it an easy, fun and creative experience for you.

You can upload your snaps from your phone, your computer, or from Instagram or Facebook, and view your photo in any of our modern, stylish frames.

We believe a photo looks different depending on the size, shape, style and colour of the frame. That's why we want to help you find the frame that brings out the best in your photo.

Once you've found the perfect frame for your photo, all you need to do is check out and we will print, frame and deliver it to your door (or the door of a loved one if it's a gift :)

You can Now Frame It as soon as you've captured it, whether it's a moment from your best friend's wedding, your child's first birthday or the best holiday ever!

Who we are

We are Caz Nicklin and Lavinia Smith and we have been business partners and friends for 7 years (we also run

We LOVE photos. We love taking them, we love sharing them. What we don't love is the hassle of getting them framed!

We both found ourselves with a load of great photos we wanted to frame, but not enough time to do it. When we couldn't find a website that provided both an easy framing experience and a choice of tasteful frames, we decided to create one.

So with some help from our genius Head of Development,   we launched Now Frame It in March 2016.

Our mission: To take the hassle out of framing, leaving you with the fun bit.

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